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Are Court Records Public in Wisconsin?

Yes, court records are public in Wisconsin. According to the public record act in Wisconsin, court records are considered public information and are accessible to the public. This means that anyone can obtain court records in Wisconsin, including court dockets, files, transcripts, and case lookups & searches.

What is included in court record in Wisconsin?

Court records in Wisconsin include a variety of information related to legal processes and court cases. Some of the information that can be found in court records includes:

  1. Court Filings: Court records contain documents filed with the court, such as complaints, petitions, motions, and other legal documents.

  2. Dockets: Court records include the court's docket, which is a list of all the cases scheduled for hearings or trials. The docket provides information about the parties involved, the date and time of the hearing, and the judge assigned to the case.

  3. Case Files: Court records may include case files, which contain all the documents related to a specific case, such as pleadings, exhibits, and transcripts of court proceedings.

  4. Sentencing and Rulings: Court records also include information about the sentencing and rulings in a case. This includes the judge's decision, the penalties imposed, and any orders issued by the court.

  5. Criminal Records: Court records contain information about criminal cases, including charges, arrests, and convictions.

  6. Trial and Appeal Records: Court records include information about trials and appeals, including transcripts of court proceedings, judgments, and opinions issued by the court.

How to Find Court Records in Wisconsin in 2023

To obtain court records in Wisconsin, there are several methods you can use. One option is to visit the official website of the Wisconsin Court System, which provides access to court records online. You can search for court records by court official name and number, date range, and court type.

Additionally, many counties in Wisconsin have their own websites where you can find court records. For example, Adams County has a website for the Clerk of Circuit Court, where you can access court records and find information about court proceedings. Ashland County also provides access to court records through its official website.

If you are unable to find court records online, you can visit the courthouse in the county where the case was heard and request access to the records in person. The court clerk will be able to assist you in locating and obtaining the court records you are looking for.

Lookup Court Records in Wisconsin

Here are some links to websites where you can lookup court records in Wisconsin:

Please note that not all of these links may be accessible or up-to-date. It is recommended to verify the availability of court records on the respective websites or contact the relevant county authorities for more information.